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Gençleştirici bir masajdan, ısıtmalı tatlı deniz suyu havuzlarımızdaki bir dalışa kadar, SPA merkezinin sunduğu birçok iyileştirici tedaviden biriyle kendinizi şımartın.

SPA & Wellness

Yunanlılar M.Ö 400 yılında Salute Per Aqua (SPA- Sudan Gelen Sağlık) isimli bir bir kavram yaratmışlar. Bu kavram gelişerek günümüze ulaşmış. Amaç her zaman ruh, beden ve zihin arasındaki dengeyi sağlamak olmuştur.

the best part of the day...

Melt away your stress at Spa & Wellness Center! 

Spa is a very atmospheric and well organized Spa area with an, a relaxation area and sauna an Escape from everyday life and rediscover your senses with the experience of music, color and aromatherapy. Experience profound relaxation, rejuvenation and wellness in abundance! Surrender to the experienced hands of our spa therapists and simply let go. Select among a series of facials and body treatments from the extensive menu of the spa and enjoy! 

Balmy Spa you may equally indulge in with music, colors and aromatherapy alongside a wide range of facials and body treatments, as well as, an authentic Turkish Hammam.


Thalasso Programları


6 days (24 Treatments)

  • 6 Anti-Stress Massage,
  • 3 Algae Body Wrap,
  • 3 Thalasso Pool Seance,
  • 12 ThalossoTreatment (Mud,Algae, Andulation, Green tea, aromatherapy, ozone therapy)


This enriched programme is used for reducing tension and stress. It makes you relax physically and mentally.


6 days (24 Treatments)

  • 3 Physiotherapy Massages
  • 3 Algae Body Wrap
  • 6 Thalasso Pool Seance
  • 12 ThalossoTreatment (Mud,Algae, Andulation, Green tea, aromatherapy, ozone therapy)


This programme brings all the advantages of the sea water together. It includes physiotherapy and medical techniques, which are useful for joint and muscle problems


6 days (24 Treatments)

  • 3 Physiotherapy Massages
  • 3 Special Sport Programmes
  • 3 Thalasso Pool Seance (Jet bath, cold water programme for legs)
  • 3 Pressotherapy
  • 12 ThalossoTreatment (Mud,Algae, Andulation, Green tea, aromatherapy, ozone therapy)


This is a special programme which helps to reduce blood circulation disorders


6 days (24 Treatments)

  • 6 Physiotherapy Massages
  • 3 Algae Body Wrap
  • 3 Thalasso Physiotherapy Pool Seance
  • 12 ThalossoTreatment (Mud,Algae, Andulation, Green tea, aromatherapy, ozone therapy)


The programme is based on special exercises for muscle system strengthening.

Sea&Optimum Health

6 days (24 Treatments)

  • 6 Physiotherapy Massages
  • 3 Algae Body Wrap
  • 6 Thalasso Physiotherapy Pool Seance
  • 9 ThalossoTreatment (Mud,Algae, Andulation, Green tea, aromatherapy, ozone therapy)


This programme is enhanced with everyday massage treatments for overall body and muscle health

Sea&Countouring for Women.

6 days (24 Treatments)

  • 3 Algae Body Wrap
  • 3 Sliming&Firming Massage
  • 3 Robolex Frozen Programme
  • 3 Lymph-Drainage Treatment
  • 6 ThalossoTreatment ( (Mud,Algae, ondorelax, gren tea, aromatherapy, watsu,aromatherapy)


This programme is a treatment for slimming.

Sea&Countouring for Men

6 days (24 Treatments)

  • 3 Algae Body Wrap
  • 3 Physiotherapy Massages
  • 6 Robolex Frozen Programme
  • 12 ThalossoTreatment (Mud,Algae, Andulation, Green tea, aromatherapy, ozone therapy)


This sport programme is especially for men who want to slenderize the wai

Sea&Young Mother

6 days (24 Treatments)

  • 5 Physiotherapy Massages
  • 3 Algae Body Wrap
  • 4 Lymph-Drainage
  • 12 ThalossoTreatment (Mud,Algae, Andulation, Green tea, aromatherapy, ozone therapy)



The following programme is aimed at muscle tonus, fatigue reducing and balance gaining.



This is a program in which the most advanced Western technologies are combined with a special integrated approach, developed specifically for women includes a comprehensive analysis of the current health state, helps to strengthen the immunity system, improve the overall physical and psychological state of the body. Hormonal changes in the female body that are the result of age-related changes, as well as stress, bad ecology, and related diseases lead to menstrual dysfunction, sleep disturbances, irritability, nervousness, migraines, severe headaches, increased fatigue, fatigue, deterioration in the quality of sexual life and others gaps. The aim of the program is to minimize existing symptoms and prevent the occurrence of diseases.


The male and female bodies, including the brain structure, have many differences. Because of these differences, the physical and psychological needs of men and women are different. In addition, disease risks are also different. However, many men do not realize that they have special health needs, even men are neglecting their health. Men often feel the burden of life and family on their shoulders. Also for many men, the health of their family is more important than their health. But today, as in all areas of health, we are approaching the health of the individual as a holistic approach. For this reason we have a call to men who are family dad: the health of your family depends on your health before everything else.

With the Expanded Men’s Health programme, we have created a special health programme for men by taking into consideration factors such as age, work stress, habits, nutrition, sexual health and etc.


Get a unique holistic health check, including a sleep apnoea screening. Rebalance and regenerate your holistic health and wellbeing, by regaining your sleep quality with energy, stress management, mindfulness and meditation therapies


Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions — increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels — that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Get a comprehensive holistic health check on your metabolic imbalances and regenerative therapies to optimise your metabolic health and prevent from heart disease, stroke and diabetes.


A programme intended to optimize health, lengthen your life expectancy and bring vitality back into your life, by means of a perfect combination of ancient eastern techniques with the latest scientific advances in personalized preventive and predictive medicine. The purpose of the Medworld Anti-aging programme is that this difference becomes increasingly greater and that we manage to maintain a youthful style of life for as long as possible. Factors that shorten our life expectancy and/or negatively affect the quality of life, attack us from outside (nutrition, infections, carcinogens and oxidants) and inside (pro-inflammatory substances, autoimmunity and tumours) and the Medworld & Dr. Ozdogan method aims to reduce or eliminate these factors.

At Medworld, we use the knowledge acquired from the best natural therapy that includes the most perfect kind of nutrition known, which mainly comes from Eastern cultures; and all the diagnosis or preventive treatment devices, which are supported increasingly more by western scientific progress with the latest discoveries made in the fields of genetics and anti-aging medicine. Stages: there has to be a gap of at least three months between the two stages of treatment to obtain the results of certain tests, which due to their characteristics, take a long time to process.


To start reversing your diabetes and restarting a new healthy life. Get a comprehensive holistic health check on your imbalances, a high impact combination of fitness, meals, nutritional guidance, detoxifying Spa and wellness treatments and integrative health regeneration therapies.



Get a unique holistic health check. Enjoy your seasonal general wellness holiday to repair, regenerate and rebalance your overall health and wellbeing


Get a unique holistic health check. Repair, regenerate and rebalance your muscles, joints, skeleton, neuro and visceral systems.


Get a unique holistic health check. Rebalance body & mind, find your stress factors and learn how to live a more de-stressed life.


Get a unique holistic health check. Repair, regenerate and rebalance your energy fields boosting the vitality of your organs, cells and psyche.



Get a unique holistic health check with full dental screening. Enjoy a high impact, intense detox holiday, cleansing your skin, dental, gastro-intestinal, visceral, lymphatic, circulatory and cellular systems with detoxifying medical, wellness and Spa therapies. Combat chronic inflammation, reduce toxins, heavy metals and free radicals and regenerate your immune system and celullar health.


Get a unique holistic health check with full dental screening. Enjoy a high impact, intense detox and weight loss holiday, cleansing your skin, dental, gastro-intestinal, visceral, lymphatic, circulatory and cellular systems with detoxifying medical, wellness and Spa therapies, while boosting your metabolism and weight loss in a healthy and sustainable way.


Get a unique holistic health check. Enjoy your seasonal juice detox holiday, cleansing your gastro-intestinal, visceral and lymphatic systems with detoxifying Wellness and Spa therapies.


To enjoy a Spa based detox with scrubs, baths, wraps and massages.


Our rehabilitation center has developed special health programmes that use optimal combinations and a set of procedures to achieve an effective therapeutic and healing effect. Holiday and preventive medical treatment in Antalya is the best gift that I can give my child to good parents. The Mediterranean weather helps to increase immunity, reduce the likelihood of catarrhal diseases of children during the off-season, to avoid allergic reactions, and also strengthens the musculoskeletal system.


The program helps to solve the problem of posture in children, strengthen muscles, the skeletal system, normalize the work of other body systems, eliminate back pain, and teach correct posture.


The programme is aimed at strengthening immunity in children, increasing the protective functions of the body and reducing the likelihood of a cold.



Acupuncture is a treatment method that is developed by Chinese. It is formed with two Latin words: Akus (It means immerse) and Puncture ( It means point). It is diversed two as body acupuncture and microsystem acupuncture (MAPS).

Which diseases can be treated by Acupuncture?

It can be collected three headlines:

  • Treatment for various diseases (functional diseases such as constipation, urinary complaints, fatigue, tinnitus, dizziness)
  • Analgesia-anesthesia (migraine and other headaches, spine pains, joint pain, inflammatory diseases)
  • Habit therapy (smoking and bad eating habits)


Salt therapy has proven to be useful in relieving diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, acne, eczema, snoring, sinusitis, ear and respiratory infections, and is well- known worldwide with its 100% natural, safe and non-medication.

Salt therapy has been recommended for different health problems: asthma, bronchitis, chronic sinus infections, chronic respiratory infections, dust allergy, skin disorders, heart and circulatory disorders, neurological problems, such as thyroid problems. There are some side benefits of clean air of mineral.


In traditional Chinese medicine it is believed that beauty can only be preserved when it acts as a whole. According to traditional Chinese medicine, in order to have a healthy and beautiful body, the flow of Chi’s life energy, in our body, must be balanced. However, if the balance of Chi flow deteriorates due to various physical or psychological reasons, then there can be many problems; both your health is deteriorating and your skin beauty is adversely affected. Therefore, 2 philosophical methods which are frequently applied in traditional Chinese medicine for health, beauty and youth and which enable the circulation of energy flow in our body in a balanced way, should be added to our lives.


Qigong, whose roots are believed to date back 5000 years ago, in other words, Chi-Kung or Chi-Gong, is the general name for the studies that will enable the Gong energy to flow in the body in a balanced and orderly way, which we can also define as the life energy in traditional Chinese medicine. In other words, Qigong is part of Chinese medicine and martial arts, which regulate the physical energy balance of the body using certain physical postures and physical breathing techniques.


Ozone is the condition of oxygen that is divided into 3 atomic molecule with high energy and its stability is low. Ozone for medical purposes is derived from medical oxygen through special generators. Medical ozone is always used in the form of pure ozone and pure oxygen. Depending on the application, the ozone concentration is between 1 and 100 /g / ml (0.05-5%). The physician trained in ozone therapy adjusts the dose according to the patient’s condition and medical indication.

Indications for Ozone Treatment: Arterial circulatory disorders, Immune system imbalances and disorders, Rheumatic diseases, Chronic inflammatory diseases (Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease), External Ulcers and skin wounds (eg Diabetic foot, burns, decubitus ulcers, etc.), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and pain treatment.


Vaccination of the human body toxins and poisons, which is the job of throwing the vacuum, is a method of treatment that cleans the blood. Hajamat, known as ‘cupping’ among the people, is known to be based on Ancient Egypt. In the case of a primitive acupuncture, volumetric blood is drawn from the human body with the help of a knife. Pain is made to areas close to the places and the blood is let.


Plants have been used as both source of vitamins and minerals either  treatment of diseases since ancient times. Human beings have had a positive impact on human life since early human beings. In this respect, phytotherapy means treatment with plants in the simplest sense. It emerged through the unification of traditional knowledge and science. Preparing medications using all or part of the plant leads to preventing or treating diseases. Plants already used in phytotherapy are also called medicinal plants.

Treatment with plants is as old as the history of mankind. The success of the phytotherapy is based on the gentlest application of this application and the patience of the application. With the help of phytotherapy, the treatment of many chronic diseases, which modern medicine has not found a cure, has been found.


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