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Sea Water Pool

Have you discovered our sea water pool?

Humankind has obtained healing and beauty from sea water for thousands of years. It has been also approved by modern researches that sea water is beneficial as it is so common in many different cultures and civilizations. It is an indisputable truth that sea water is very beneficial for human health and beauty with tens of different minerals, moss and useful bacteria it contains. Our facility has recently established a pool with treated sea water for its guests for a remarkable amount of investment. In addition to a large sea water pool, one of the kids pools has also been filled with sea water. In winter, on the other hand, these pools will also be heated.

You would like to swim in the sea, however...

-You have a phobia that moss might come to life and capture you? You may not have heard such thing before, however you might actually have.

-You may fear that sands will ruin your mobile phone. What would you do without your phone on vacation, right? It's not a "vacation" unless you take selfies by the pool with a glass of cocktail and make your friends jealous.

- You want your child to contact sea water, however you are not sure whether you can keep him/her under surveillance all the time. You might be thinking that "I am also on vacation, why should I keep watch just because he/she is going to swim in the sea?"

- You might have this illusion of getting caught by a shark. You can never know, maybe sharks prefer shallow waters of Mediterranean Sea. Although scientists confirm that this is not possible, you might intuitively know that this is the fact science based on your deep life experiences and maybe it has been missed by science.

For all these and hundreds of different reasons that we might have missed, now you will be able to enjoy high quality sea water from the depths of Mediterranean Sea in our pools.

Features of sea water pools:

- Sea water is obtained from 600 meters offshore and 7 meters depth.

- It reaches our storage tanks by its own attraction. Then it is supplied to the pool after mineral preservation, treatment and heating.

- The kids pool with sea water is heated directly by solar panels.