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The Spell Of The Forest

Living in a paradise, we realized not everyone is as fortunate as us. We saw that people have been dealing with chaos and crowded populations in big cities every day. We witnessed that they spend their days seeing neither a tree nor a flower in their surroundings and that they become more miserable with each passing day. There are even those who cannot see the sun because of high structures or climate conditions.

As the residents of paradise, we have decided to offer the opportunity of creating paradise in our own world. Here, you can take your happy memories home with you. You can spread your experiences here at your home, to your surrounding and even to others. We would like to talk about ourselves as little bit at this point. MARITIM Pine Beach is the only representative of German MARITIM hotel chain in Turkey established in a forest of 120 hectares that is uniquely beautiful regarding highest level of environmental sensitivity. Only a few trees have been damaged during construction. The giant tree growing right in the middle of our restaurant and from the balconies of some of our rooms are the biggest proof of this. Imagine, your neighbor is a 150 year-old tree! This care we show in our trees is returned to us and you as the blessing of our facility by the trees.

As reiterated by old ancient civilizations, if you want wise answers go to the forest. Every leaf, every tree, every animal, every piece of soil, the wind and the sun will inspire you to find the right answers. Trust the forest! Then hug a tree, open your heart to it and appreciate it.

Trees Are A Source Of Therapy

The idea of hugging the trees may sound wierd but its benefits have been proven scientifically on a number of occasions and it has been acknowledged as a form  of therapy.

The author of the book "Blinded By Science” Mathew Silverstone, states that people have to touch trees and this will in turn make people healthy. In fact, you do not need to necessarily touch the tree to heel, even being around trees will have similar effects most of the time. For this reason, children who spend more time in nature are healthier.

Completely Scientific

The reason for all of these is proven to be the vibrations disseminated by the trees. Physicists also acknowledge the presence of these vibrations. The issue is actually everything has a vibration and different vibrations are able to affect biological behavior. The logic of the situation with the trees is identical. When we touch a tree, the vibration order of the tree changes many biological behavior in our body in the positive manner. Living close to these vibrations actually strengthens human health. Trees absorb low level energies that you emit and instead give out high frequencies. It has been especially observed to be perfect for people who experience problems such as headache, repression, attention deficit disorder.

Pine Beach Meditation Movement

Pine Meditation is a movement of recharging specific to human beings. It is an opportunity to get rid of the traces of imbalance left by the noise in the city on our soul and to hear what our heart has to say.

Hectares of forests situated within the borders of MARITIM Pine Beach and home to animals and plants protected with due diligence provide an unforgettable opportunity for you.

You may not have had the chance to listen to your heart in the past.

But it is never late.

If you are reading this article right now, know that the time of transformation has come!

How To Make Pine Meditation?

Lean against any of the trees located in our garden. It does not matter which tree you choose. Know that the right tree will pull you towards itself. Breathe deeply and thank for your presence. Sit on the ground and lean your back to the tree that you have chosen. Close your eyes and turn your face to the sun, surrender your soul to love. Onlookers can think you are calm, you can elevate with the joy of the light inside you.

You can stay like this for a while and take one or two deep breathes. Then calm down your breathing. Slowly you will feel how much you belong in the place where you are. Get rid of your thoughts and focus on your heart. Breathe into your heart. If you wish, you can keep your left hand in front of your heart. Just relax.

You might feel like laughing, crying or not doing anything at all to stand there. This is the right thing to do regardless of what you feel like doing.

Sit like this for at least 10 minutes.

When you feel ready, open your eyes slowly and touch the soil that you are sitting on with your palms and thank them.

Then stand up and thank the tree you have leant your back on for accompanying you with the spirit of the forest during your journey. Hug it and thank God for the existence of the forest. This will bring peace not only to you but also to the forest.

If you see a feather a short while after this ceremony, know that the angles of the forest are welcoming you.

Have a good journey.

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